revenge for hire services (2020 best revenge website)

Our Clients Can Linkup Anonymously With Our Exclusive  Network Of Revenge For Hire Services.

We offer highly discreet communication system, members will be able to get revenge ideas, expert advice, and can also hire a professional assassin to do their dirty work without any trace.


revenge for hire services

Box Revenge offers

WE offers the best box revenge services, by sending an anonymously unusual and remarkable gift box to the person who hurt you. With box revenge the client decide on what he/she want us to put in the box, being it a Snake, Human head, Finger, Bomb, anything of your choice with anonymous warning note to the victim. 

revenge for hire services

Multiple Anonymous SMS

This is done by our professional hacker .We generate 5000 annoying sms in every 10minutes to your victim phone number throughout. The login details will be given to you.

Revenge ideas for backstabbing friends

Anonymous Warning Video From Assassins

We provide professional warning video with all the necessary warning required details like he/her names address type of car he/she uses and phone number. We also show off guns and other weapons as a warning message to the victim in the video. Revenge For Hire Services


Expert Hacker

It is big time you hire a professional hacker that will hack your victim phone and related electronic devices to link to your own phone giving you the full access to his calls, Videos, Home cameras, SMS,Apple account, etc from here you will best know what he/she is up-to. Revenge For Hire Services


Kidnapping, Torture, Damaging

We own a crew of hooligan ready to destroy any of your victim valuables being it, Cars, Home, documents etc , we also offer kidnapping services internationally and any method of torture you want for your victim.
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We have slow and high deadly poisons for sale, we also have poison specialist that can help you carry your mission without any problem, if you want, all we need is the person full details and address to get that done.

revenge for hire services

Shoot and Run Gang

Get your victim cripple or kill on the street by our shoot and run gang using cars and bikes for operating, get all your worries solved the way you want it to be, we are at your services anytime. Revenge For Hire Services


Master Assassins

Professional Revenge Company provide well trained expert assassins with full military, martial art skills and the ability to use a rifler from a long distance to kill the victim

Revenge For Hire Services


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